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Competitive Curler Membership


Effective July 1, 2009, in competitions where it is necessary that all members of the participating teams be members of the same curling club, a competitive curling membership is available at Leaside Curling Club.


A competitive membership allows for an individual to be a member of Leaside Curling Club for purposes of sanctioned competitive competitions as follows:

LCC will sanction competitive memberships for one person per team.

The other three members of the team must be active fully paid section members of Leaside Curling Club.


A competitive membership provides NO play or practice privileges at Leaside Curling Club

Competitive members are not permitted to play or spare for any Leaside team in league play and can only practice at the club if paying the usual fee as set and paid for at the office)


Policy Created: July 1, 2009        Updated: September, 2010