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 Keeping In Touch With Twitter



The Situation

You do not want to go to the trouble of frequently checking our website for updates in the News and Events section or in the Recent Section Updates area for changes to your curling section's information.


The Solution

Try Twitter.

If you want "tweets" about items that will appear in the News and Events column and also your curling section's update area,

then click on the or or in your curling section's updates area on the home page, to register with Twitter and then be sent "tweets" about updates for your section. You will also receive all updates that will appear in the News and Events column.


If you only want "tweets" about items that will appear in the News and Events column,

then click on the  located in News and Events column of the home page. You can then register with Twitter to receive only those News and Events updates.



The Twitter Update Procedure

Whenever an update is made to our website's home page, it will also be "tweeted" to each "follower".

If you are a "follower" the update will be delivered almost instantly to your personal Twitter account.

You can choose to receive your "tweets" on your mobile phone.

You can be "tweeted" from more than one LCC curling section; just the Tweets of your choice.


These tweets will be for notification only. They will contain links to direct you to the appropriate information.

Do not reply to these tweets because they will not be answered.


Learn all of the basics of Twitter.