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 Daytime Men Section - Update


Final Results of the 2011-2012 Curling Season for Daytime Men and Daytime Skins

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George Crichton Trophy Bill Ferrar Trophy Day Men All-Stars
(top point scores by position)
Front End Union Award (in memory of John Spragge)

Missing from the Daytime Men Skins All-Stars (average points per game) is vice, Michael Pierson.





General Rules

Rules of play of the Ontario Curling Association apply.

Etiquette and basic common sense are of top priority.

Signals should be learned and be standard for all communication.

Three or four man teams play eight ends.

Three man teams shall play 3 rocks at second, 3 rocks at third and 2 rocks at skip.

Avoid slow play. Be alert. Be ready to shoot. Skips should be in position to start the next end. Stones do not need to be lined up. Players pick their own numbered rocks.

When you mathematically run out of rocks, then you may want to pack it in.

Inter-club Games

Home-and-home games with these clubs: Donalda, East York, Granite and Toronto Cricket.

This is a good opportunity to see other clubs, experience other ice conditions and meet people.

Sign the sheet on the rear of the draw board, when it is posted.


Toronto & District Senior Menís Curling Association League

Games are played on Friday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. at one of the member clubs. The games break after four ends for a drink. At the end of the games, each team competes in a roll-off. 

Generally, the members of each club team rotate, so that individual players would play in about 3 or 4 games, both before and after Christmas. At Christmas, there is a Turkey Spiel and in the spring, there is a Closing Banquet for about 12 players from each club who have played in the most games.

The cost of each game is $9.  This money goes towards a drink and snack at each game, with any extra money subsidizing the Turkey Spiel and the Final Banquet.

Leaside Convenors:

Gord Rawnsley

Bob Bourdeau

Jim Parker