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 Skins Section - Update









Over the many years that I have been running the Leaside Skins League, a published set of rules has rarely, if ever, been necessary, due perhaps to the somewhat informal nature of the League. However, recent feedback has indicated that a few guidelines would aid the smooth running of the section, and it is with this in mind that the following rules are in effect:

Coin Toss

        In an exception to the CCA ruling, we shall adopt the rule as follows:

        The team winning the coin toss shall choose either (a) to throw first or second stone in the first end, or (b) the rock colour they wish to use.

        The other option will go to the team losing the toss.


        Any full member of the club is eligible to spare, but a spare may only substitute at or below the position of the missing player (e.g. if the regular vice is unavailable, the spare may play at vice, second or lead position, but not as skip)

        A team can have up to 3 spares for a game, as long as at least one existing member of the team is also playing. 


        Although defaulted matches are strongly discouraged, if this is an unavoidable situation, the team defaulting on the scheduled date of the game will be awarded zero skins, and their opponents will receive 8 skins.



The name of the game is Skins, and the object of the game is to win as many Skins as possible in every match you play. In Skins curling each individual end is like a game in itself, and there are no extra points for winning a Skins match.

Note: The 4 rock rule will be in effect for all matches.


Whatís a skin ?

Each end is given a certain value, or number of Skins as shown below:-

1st end 1
2nd end 2
3rd end 2
4th end 3
5th end 3
6th end 4
Total Skins 15

How do you win a skin ?

Skins for each end are won in one of two ways:-

  • The team with last rock scores two or more points
  • The team without last rock steals one or more points
  • If neither of these happen, the skin value for that end is carried over to the next end and last rock switches to the other team.

If the 6th end is undecided, then any one member of each team shall have one attempt to draw to the button, sweeping is allowed for the throwing team only. After measuring, the team with rock closest to the button wins any remaining skins. If neither draw is in the house, or the measurement is tied, then repeat the draw to the button as above.