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Evening Women's Executive 2011/2012

President- Megen Husk  - To send a message to your president, please type this address    womens_president @ hotmail.com    without any spaces, into the "To:" box of your email message.  

Vice-president- Christine Martell 

Past-president-Gillian Shintani 

Draw Chair- Judy MacLellan, Margaret Gooderham  - To send a message to your draw chairs, please type this address    womensdrawchair @ hotmail.com    without any spaces, into the "To:" box of your email message.  

Social Chair- Keely Abbott

Prize Chair- Keely Abbott 

Treasurer- Alison Cook 

Secretary- Judy McMunn  - To send a message to your secretary, please type this address    womens_secretary @ hotmail.com    without any spaces, into the "To:" box of your email message.  

Bonspiel- Deanna McDermott, Karen de Prinse  - To send a message to your bonspiel chairs, please type this address    womens_bonspielchair @ hotmail.com    without any spaces, into the "To:" box of your email message. 

Summer Social- Vacant 

Education Co-ordinator - Susan Holladay, Christine Sherwin


General Information

Mission Statement

The Women’s Evening Section (the Section) is open to female curlers of all skill levels.  Its mission is to provide a balance of competition, skill development and social camaraderie for all members of the section.

The Section curls on Wednesday evening, with games alternating between 7 and 9:00 p.m.  Curlers may register to join as a full or partial team, or as an individual (for individual entrants, the section will make every effort to place registrants on a team but placement is not guaranteed).  The Section can accommodate a maximum of 32 teams.

Teams will be allocated to flights (2 or more depending on the number of teams) so that teams at similar skill levels will play against each other.  Based on the results of each draw, teams will be moved as necessary to another flight for the next draw.

The Section is committed to providing instruction and support to all its members; as such, the section hosts several clinics throughout the year for both novices and those with more experience.

The Women’s Evening Section hosts a team entry bonspiel that is a TCA Mellita Bonspiel of Champions qualifier.  It also hosts a “Santa Spiel” which is open to members and their guests (including those with no prior curling experience). 

Section Rules, General Information and Reminders

Bell Rule:
Regular Season and First Round Playoffs:
The bell will ring 25 minutes before the end of the allotted time slot. When the bell rings, you may complete the end you are playing and play one more end. An end is considered complete when the last rock from the previous end comes to a stop or goes out of play. During the first round of playoffs, a tie will be broken by one member of each team throwing a draw to the button back towards the glass. No sweeping is allowed by the opposing team behind the tee-line.

Playoffs – Semi-Finals and Finals
The bell rule can be ignored. Should you decide to play the full eight ends and are tied, play an extra end. The exception to this is if both teams decide they would rather do a draw to the button. In this case, one member will draw to the button back towards the glass. No sweeping is allowed by the opposing team behind the tee-line.

Late Start:
If a team is unable to start a game after 10 minutes, they forfeit hammer and 1 point.
If they still cannot start after 20 minutes, they lose the game. Score that as a defaulted game.

Score Recording:
Scores are recorded by the vices in the Women’s Evening Section Score Binder. Vices should record the score, ends and initial beside their teams name so we know who has filled in the master. Please check you are using the sheet for the correct week, 7:00 pm games are at the top of the sheet, 9:00 pm games at the bottom. If you are playing a make-up game at some other time please complete the blank space on the sheet for the week in which the game was played and also email the scores and ends for the game to the draw chairs.

To score a default, mark “Win” and “Default” instead of a score.
If you intend to make up or reschedule a game, please indicate so in the score binder.

Conceding ends/the Game
The winning team scores an extra point and an extra end for every end not played which could have been played in the allotted time. Do not score one point and end for ends that could NOT have been played due to the bell rule. Also indicate the total number of ends actually played.

Regular Season and First Round Playoffs
Three players are needed to start a game, two of which must be original team members.  In the event that an entire team is participating in an OCA/CCA sanctioned event at the provincial or national level, unlimited substitution is permitted (for a regular season game).

If you cannot make the game and need a spare – you need to get one yourself. It is not the draw chair or your skip’s responsibility to find a spare. The spares list is at the bottom of the Draw schedule, posted on the Evening Women’s bulletin board at the club and was emailed to each skip for distribution to her team. Any full member of the club is eligible to spare, but the spare may only substitute at or below the position of the missing player (e.g. if the regular vice is unavailable, the spare may play at vice, second or lead positions, but not as the skip)

Playoffs – Semi-Finals and Finals
In the interest of maintaining fair play and to ensure substitute players are of comparable skill to the missing player the following guidelines should be followed in finding a spare.
  1. Spares must be a member of the Evening Women’s Section.

  2. Spares must be from the missing player’s flight or lower.

  3. Spares must play at the missing player’s position or lower. For example, if your regular lead is missing, the assigned spare must play lead. If your skip is missing, the spare can be substituted into the missing skip’s position or any lower position.

  4. Any spare coming from the same flight must not play in any lower position than they play in regular season. For example, a vice from flight 2 sparing for another team in flight 2 may play as a vice or skip.

  5. Any spare coming from a lower flight may play in any position up to two positions lower than they usually play for their own team.

Should you be in a position of needing a spare for the semi-final or final and want to ensure your spare fits the criteria contact the Draw Chair. Should you be unable to locate a spare that fits the criteria, contact the Draw Chair to get approval for another spare that may or may not fit the criteria. If you choose to play with a spare that does not meet the above rules and or does not meet the executive’s approval then your team will default the game. The other alternative is to play the game with 3 players.

Rules for tie breaking at the end of a draw

In Leagues with a Flight System, when two or more teams are equally ranked at the end of a draw, ties are broken by:

  1. when they played each other, who beat who (in the case of a multiple team tie, by who has the most wins amongst the games played against the other tied teams).

If still tied, then:

  1. who performed better against the top performing team not involved in the tie (Win/Tie/Loss/Default), then:

  2. who performed better against the 2nd performing team not involved in the tie, then 3rd team, then 4th, etc, then:

  3. the highest proportion of ends won (no ends are counted for either team in a game which was defaulted). If still tied, then:

  4. the highest ratio of points scored to points given up (no points are counted for either team in a game that was defaulted). If still tied, then:

  5. flip of the coin.

In a multi team tie, if a rule divides a tied group into one or more smaller tied groups, the rules are applied to the new tie/ties from the beginning rather than by continuing to the next rule.

If there are teams that play each other more or less than once in a draw, the draw master will apply the spirit of the rules as best as possible.
Teams tie all the time, and in complex ways, ways for which these simple rules cannot account for completely. In these situations, the draw master will apply the spirit of the rules as best as possible.
Flight Systems:

In our section, teams are grouped in flights of 7 or 8 teams. Teams play within their flight until the end of the draw.
Points are awarded for each game played:

·         Win = 5

·         Tie = 3

·         Loss = 1

·         Default = 0

·          Bye=average of games played in the draw

At the end of each draw, two teams from each flight will move up or down based on the points accumulated in that draw.
For more details, please speak to an executive member.

Cancelled Games:
If you are cancelling a game, regardless if you are rescheduling or not, please notify the office so they can let someone else make up a game or practice.

If any disputes arise during the curling season, the Women's Evening Executive hold the discretion to review the game rules and determine an appropriate course of action.



The Women Section (evening) follows the Leaside Curling Rules and, of course, O.C.A. & C.C.A rules.  For further information, please click here.